Urbexing in the abandoned water park of Hue

Urbexing in the abandoned water park of Hue

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Visiting a water park doesn’t really sound like an activity that we’d undertake in Vietnam, right? While that would normally be the case, we were more than happy to make an exception for the abandoned water park of Hue!

In fact, it was the highlight of our visit to the former capital of Vietnam, which is mostly known for its imperial citadel and royal tombs. If you’ve seen enough temples and are looking for an unusual and adventurous activity, then a visit to the abandoned water park in Hue will surely tick that box!

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We’ve read and heard different stories about the construction and decay of the water park in Hue. Some say the company ran out of money before construction of the water park was finished. Others say the park did open, but the high entrance fees meant that it didn’t receive enough visitors and a bankruptcy soon followed.

Whichever might be true, what’s for certain is that the water park was abandoned and has been left to the elements for over a decade. The resulting ruins have gained a steady popularity among adventurous backpackers recently.

Gaining entrance to the park involves a 30-minute motorbike ride out of town, bribing a security guard and walking a sandy path through the forest. However, once the forest opens up and the huge stone dragon welcomes you to its domain, you’ll be happy you decided to take this adventure on!

You can climb all the way to the top of the dragon structure. At the base, we found what used to be an aquarium. Through the broken glass and graffiti, you can still kind of make out how it must have looked all those years ago.

The dragon's mouth at Hue water park
Art or vandalism? Graffiti at Hue water park
No space has been left untouched at the water park of Hue
Urbexing at the abandoned water park of Hue

Venturing a bit further into the park, we got to the pool and water slides. It must have been nice to take a swim here, but the water doesn’t look so appealing now!

Urbexing at the abandoned Hue water park
Water slides at the abandoned water park of Hue
View from the top of the slides at the Hue water park
Even the play sets were put in place before the Hue water park was abandoned
Statue at Hue Waterpark

The final stop we made in abandoned the water park of Hue was the amphitheater. Judging by the fountains, the purpose of the amphitheater must have been to perform water shows. We also found a large safe here, just lying on the floor outside what looked like an office.

Abandoned amphitheatre at the Hue water park
Amphitheatre at Hue's abandoned water park

We were really impressed by the abandoned water park and thoroughly enjoyed the couple of hours that we spent here. Go there now, before too many people find out about it!

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